Ashley School of Motoring - Offer Terms and Conditions

This is the boring but important bit!   Make sure you also read the general terms and conditions as all these specific conditions are subject to them and if you have any questions at all, please ask!

  • All offers are subject to availability and the decision of the instructor is final

  • Starter Deal - The starter deal, comprising 6 hours and covering a specific set of subjects is only suitable for and available to completely novice drivers as the lessons only cover the basics of moving off, stopping, turning left and right and an introduction to traffic, subject to the speed of learning.   The starter deal costs £125 (saving £45), which must be paid before the start of the lessons.   As part of the starter deal you will receive a personalised driving manual, including progress chart.

  • Block Booking - Discount is provided at the end of the block booking i.e., any discount is applied to the last lesson of the block.   Therefore, failure to take all the lessons in the block will not necessarily produce a refund.    Please see the cancellation policy in the general terms and conditions.

  • Driving Tests - Timing of your test must be agreed between you and the instructor.    In the event that we believe that you are not up to an acceptable standard we will not provide our car for your test attempt.    We firmly believe that you should pass your test first time but sometimes nerves get in the way and it doesn't quite go according to plan.