Ashley School of Motoring - Terms and Conditions

Driving Licence and Eyesight
You must hold a current driving licence (either provisional or full), valid for the class of vehicle i.e., car.   You must also be able to fulfil the DVLA eyesight requirements, currently to be able to read a number plate from a distance 20.5 metres (67 feet) using your glasses if normally worn.   This will be tested as part of your first lesson, as will the validity of your driving licence.   Failure to meet either of these will immediately terminate the lesson and the lesson fee will be forfeit.  

Payment must be made before commencement of the lesson unless agreed in advance with the instructor.   This will either be at the start of the lesson itself if paying by cash or at least 24 hours before if paying by some other method.   Failure to pay may mean that the lesson is delayed until such payment is made.    In the unlikely event that the lesson is undertaken on a credit basis, you will be expected to clear any outstanding debts at the earliest opportunity.    Failure to do so will incur an administration charge.    In the event of continuing non-settlement, Ashley School of Motoring will pursue payment of outstanding monies to whatever degree is required, including legal action if necessary.

Lesson Duration
The instructor undertakes to carry out a lesson of the agreed duration.   This does not mean that you will be driving for the entire period as discussions may well make up part of the lesson.   This follows the DVSA guidelines but the instructor will endeavour to provide as much actual driving as possible within the duration of the lesson.  

Cancellation Policy
The instructor’s diary is generally full and is finely balanced to deliver the best lessons possible in a schedule that works.    Cancelling lessons, or postponing a lesson to a subsequent day, disrupts that schedule and can affect other pupils.    It is recognised that emergencies sometimes arise and sufficient notice of cancellation cannot be given.    In order to limit the disruption, the driving school has implemented the following cancellation policy.

You may cancel a lesson anytime up to 24 hours before the lesson time without incurring any charge.    Where less than 24 hours notice is given, or if you fail to show up at all, you will be charged the full fee for the lesson, regardless of the reason.    This applies equally to block booked lessons.    If you fail to attend at the booked time, it will be taken as a cancellation and the lesson is effectively ‘lost’.    Furthermore, reducing the length of a lesson from, say, 1.5 hours to 1 hour is considered to be a part cancellation and failure to give sufficient notice will still incur the full lesson charge.

In the event that a lesson is cancelled by you it cannot be guaranteed that an alternative date will be arranged in that week.

In the event that the instructor has to cancel the lesson you will not be charged and the lesson will be rearranged at your convenience.    Every effort will be made to reschedule the lesson in that week.

The instructor is not liable for tests cancelled by the DVSA.

The instructor's diary is planned to allow lesson durations to be adhered to precisely.   Therefore, punctuality is expected from you and if you are late for the start of the lesson, it will only be extended beyond the expected end-time at the instructor's discretion if the diary so allows.   The instructor will be at an agreed location at or within 5 minutes of the lesson time.    If, for any reason, the instructor is going to be more than 5 minutes late, this will be communicated by text message.    Any lost time will be made up at the end of the lesson.    In the event that the pupil does not appear, the instructor will wait a maximum of 15 minutes past the lesson time with texts sent at 5 minute intervals up to that point.    If the pupil still doesn't appear after 15 minutes, the lesson will be recorded as a 'no show' and will be charged as normal.

Use of the Vehicle
Use of the vehicle is at the discretion of the instructor.   Whilst the vehicle will be provided for tests to be taken, this is entirely at the discretion of the instructor.   There is no right to use the vehicle for practical tests but the instructor will endeavour to ensure that the car is made available for the test when required.   Without exception the car will not be made available for tests unless the instructor is satisfied that the pupil is of an acceptable standard.   In the event that the car ceases to become available, the instructor will endeavour to ensure that sufficient notice is given to the pupil to avoid DVSA cancellation fees but this cannot be guaranteed.  

The instructor will at all times be courteous, polite and presentable and will adhere to the DVSA voluntary code of practice.   In the same way, it is expected that you behave in a manner appropriate to the lessons being given.   Behaviour contrary to the expected standard is likely to terminate the lesson with immediate effect and may prejudice any further lessons.   Lessons will also not be conducted if you are perceived to be unfit to drive through ill-health, tiredness or under the influence of drink or drugs.  

Furthermore it is important to make sure that you wear the correct footwear when driving.   Flip-flops, high heels or heavy boots are not advisable; driving in bare feet is acceptable as long as you remain in control of the vehicle.   Ideally you should wear comfortable good fitting shoes which allow a certain amount of feeling through the sole.

Offers are made totally at the discretion of the instructor and can be withdrawn at any time without prior notice.   Offers are subject to individual terms and conditions.   In order to qualify for any offer, you must continue to fulfil the individual conditions of the offer until such time as the benefit of the offer has been taken.

Complaints should be made in the first instance to the instructor who will endeavour to resolve the complaint to your satisfaction. If that proves to be impossible, then reference should be made to the DVSA's Registrar of Approved Driving Instructors.